Havana in 4 days

December 25, 2017

Havana takes the word “vintage” to a new level. It’s a city stuck somewhere in time with its old weathered architecture, colorful classic cars and beautiful people with smiles that fill the many vibrant streets. It's almost like someone pressed the "pause" button back in the 1950s and everything stood still or maybe it just been flowing to the rhythm of Guantanamera by Celia Cruz. My family and I just spent 4 days in Havana, and I am sharing a few details here of our trip. Please comment below if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them for you.

It was extremely difficult for me as a photographer not wanting to capture it all. Every inch of every wall of every street of every corner of every door of every car was a photo opportunity. I felt like a sugar addict inside of the most delicious and colorful candy store in the world! 

Havana is a very unique city and a place like nowhere else in the world. If you take the streets of Rome, mix it with architecture of Seville, splash in the colors of Cinque Terre and the weathered old city of Damascus, it can give you an idea of how it is.


Why we visited Havana:

One of the main reasons that my family and I decided to visit Havana, was to learn about the Cuban culture. As parents, we like to teach our kids that life experiences are far more important than material things. We want to show them how people live outside of the “bubble” we call home, so they can grow with a new vision of the world and appreciate other cultures.  We made sure that almost everything we did or reserved was done through privately owned local businesses which directly supported the Cuban people. We wanted our experience to be true and raw, so instead of staying at a fancy hotel, we rented a small apartment in the old city (Havana Vieja).



One of the best decisions I’ve made was to hire a professional photographer in Havana to capture our family. Another way to support local/privately owned businesses and the Cuban people directly.  As a photographer myself, it’s always hard for me to be in the photo so this was perfect! I contacted Julio Alvite while I was in the states to set up a time and date that worked for both of us.

Julio was such a pleasure to work with. He was very professional, creative and passionate about his work which was very evident in his photography. We talked about the colors in the city and how the sun shines through the tall colorful buildings and how the contrast in the photos is so different compared to other places…as if Havana has its own God made photo filter. Julio has become a friend to our family and we can’t wait to see him and have dinner with his family on our next visit.  If you are planning to visit Havana, make sure to contact him. 
Julio Alvite - Fotografía de Bodas

Studio: 537 830 1682   Mobile: 535 243 5754


Here are a few pictures from our photoshoot with Julio: